Top 10 Facebook Pages Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

A collection of the Top 10 Facebook Pages Every Entrepreneur Needs to Follow. These Facebook pages provide value on a daily basis & engagement.

10. Entrepreneurship w/ Anthony Delmedico - 17,063 likes -

  • Cool fun content 
  • “About” section is good.
  • My Review:   “I like this guys page a lot, I can tell he is a real entrepreneur going for it, and his content is more personable because of that. He has a good following building. If you’re into more of a first hand entrepreneurship page and not a magazine page or a corporate page, this is for you.”


9. Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network - 79,466 likes -

  • Cool posts and content
  • Good “About” section
  • My Opinion: “These guys have great content that they update a lot, they show a lot of dream homes and seem to be more geared towards the celebrity-entrepreneurship, and the flashy-ness of the entrepreneurship game.”

8. Entrepreneurs -

  • Good content
  • Updated pretty regularly and good about section.
  • My Opinion: “More of a traditional entrepreneurship page, for the old-school folks out there. (A lot of the pages on this list follow this page also).”

7. Renegade Entrepreneur -

  • Cool and usable content
  • “About” section is also good. I really like this page.
  • My Opinion:  ”I hope that more and more people start to follow this page. I started following it. They have good content and a good following. Renegade is geared towards those aspiring to succeed as an Entrepreneur.” 

6. Inc. Magazine -

  • Their slogan: “everything you need to know to start and grow your business now.”
  • My Opinion: This is the page for the start-up extraordinaire.

5. Fast Company -

  • Dawn’s favorite entrepreneurial magazine - (so I checked out their FB page.)
  • My Opinion:  ”This is the page for the globally-inclined entrepreneur, they focus on the changes in the world and how those changes affect business.”


4. Young Entrepreneur - 52,182 likes -

  • My Opinion: Love this page, the content, that its geared towards young entrepreneurs, and they are fun, keep up with trends and update regularly.”

3. Success Magazine - 320k likes -

  • My Opinion: Great content, updated all the time and has good following.”

2. Harvard Business Review - 611k likes -

  • My Opinion: Kind of hard to argue with this one. There is a huge following as well as great content that is updated regularly.”

1. Entrepreneur Magazine - 250k likes -

  • My Opinion:  ”Entrepreneur Magazine’s page is a lot like their magazine. The page is chock-full of great articles, awesome photos. They also have a big following but for me this pages content was as appealing as my other favorite pages, but theirs caught my eye a little; I guess presentation is everything. I liked this page.”


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