The Multi Level Marketing Industry and Why I Love It

multi level marketingOver the past 25+ years I have received curious looks and inquisitive head-tilts when I have been asked what I do for a living. It’s an industry that is totally misunderstood - even by those who oversee it - and it’s one of those things that either you get it…or you just don’t. So, what do I do? I’m a start-up strategist and leadership development, marketing and communications specialist for multi-level marketing companies. My team rocks. We know and love this industry intimately and we’ve done some magical things within it. Do we have our days? Do we EVER.

When I found multi level marketing 25+ years ago it was an instant, magical fit. Why? Well…because it made sense to me. I didn’t want to have to DO and BE - EVERYTHING in a company or project in order to succeed. Even at 20 years old I knew that much. I was watching my BFF launch her own small business - it was her first hair salon. I watched her cut hair, drive from client to client and open her salon. She built the entire business…every last line item…totally on her own. She WAS the little red hen by definition. For me I thought it seemed like a LOT for any one person to manage. To create the product, market the product, sell the product, deliver the product, create the shop and manage the shop plus hire the staff and manage the staff all while doing the work of the artist/technician - was a “jack of all trades meets the little red hen” thing at BEST and it was right up there with the level of frustration I watched my dad operate in as CIO of one of the worlds top fragrance companies. There was no liberty in their lives from what I could see and although they had GREAT income and THEY seemed happy - I couldn’t see MYSELF doing what they were doing happily. That (to me) is how to gauge whether a job/career/industry suits you well - ask yourself the question “Do I want to do what they do every day?” If the answer resembles: “Hell NO!” then maybe it’s not a suitable choice! :)

My thinking was: Let the product manufacturer manufacture the products. Let the technicians cut/bake/program/style/design/(fill-in-the-blank). Let the customer service people manage the customers and the affiliate services people manage the affiliates. Let the suits be suits! I just want to go network! I want to share and sell products I LOVE and get all juiced about and find other people who love that same product who either want to buy it or who want to sell it. (And who want to go find others who want to sell it.) So, Multi Level Marketing was the bees knees in my opinion from the time I hit 20+ years old. I could just go do what I was good at and like doing…and the rest was done for me. The industry had me at hello and still does 25+ years later.

It took a turn for me about 8-10 years in when I saw one of multi level marketing’s monster rain-makers high-tailing it publicly (in a cyberspace coup-de-tet carjacking of sorts - from the homepage of the company I was building a sales organization in at the time - and MY downline was being jacked along with many others!!) and so, I jumped in to the company boat and picked up a bucket and started to bail…an oar and started to row - and I called on my team and screamed: ROW MAN ROW…BAIL MAN BAIL…DO SOMETHING for GOD’S SAKE!! (and I never looked back.) That was the day I officially married multi level marketing corp…and it has been a career of creative, strategist, chief-cook & bottle washer (and everything in between) but one I have loved totally. The gift of creating options for others…of creating a vehicle in which they can go get their dreams…has been a labor of love like no other for me. I mean, all business start-ups are exciting but rarely can they encompass even a fraction of the excitement that the beginning of a multi level marketing company that catches wind and goes viral contains. It’s not just about your product being cool and consumable…it’s whether or not other entrepreneurs vote to adopt your opportunity as their own. Talk about validation! It’s a serious rush I tell ya!

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The MLM Industry most certainly has it’s issues…yes. It has it’s shortcomings…sure. It’s run by people and people aren’t perfect. Period. But that being said - it is my industry and I love it. It is the ONLY industry I know of that sets up the little guy to win. It is the ONLY way I know of for an average, every day Joe…with no special training or degree, who is maybe even struggling to get by…can raise his hand, sign up, “spend/invest” a nominal amount of money to get things going (advertising, promotionals, set up, hang his shingle, print his business cards.) Then he can just log-in to his own back office and get to work training (and almost immediately through 3 ways and upline support) selling the lotions, potions, gizmos and gadgets (and don’t forget the dream!) Whether it’s weight loss or HGH…websites or video streaming… The MLM industry can change his life COMPLETELY…TODAY! Where ELSE are you able to buy your own business and be in cashflow the SAME DAY? Go ahead…I’ll wait. The answer? Nowhere….but MLM or Direct Sales. The difference? MLM gives you a family, social circle, team, support system all-in-one.

The income potential, product testimonials and social reality in combination for many… It’s the cinderella story personified. It’s the pumpkin, the fairy godmother and the mice rolled into one! For many people out there - it is the first place they have felt supported in seeing and achieving their dreams in …ever. For many it is the first recognition they’ve achieved in a workplace environment…ever. For others, it could very well be the only socialization they get. The first time they’ve ever felt a true sense of belonging. Just take a look and you’ll see. You can get healthy, you can get beautiful, you can make friends and you can make money all in the same place! And don’t forget you can work really hard and win the chance to go on dream vacations with millionaire mentors who are vested in YOUR success! Where else are you finding this exactly? So haters hear me NOW! Put aside the victims and villain stories. Ditch the dramatic SEO Jacking attacks. Every industry’s got their dramas. It rips our hearts out of our chests to tell them…but those of us who have fallen in love with MLM keep coming back because Ain’t NOTHING ELSE OUT THERE that even comes CLOSE!

I LOVE working from home and networking for a living. I LOVE IT. I wouldn’t trade what I do or where I do it from for anything in the world. Sure there are some days it just SUCKS. Who CAN’T say that about their job/business/workplace some days? (Or their marriage…or their kids…or about anything that makes their life worth living?) LOL Here’s the thing…it’s the 80% of the time that matters. It’s the “when it’s all crumbled at my feet…what do I reach out to in order to put it all back together?” For me? It’s what holds my friends, my family, my income, my dreams and my future all in one place. For me…it’s MLM.

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