The Dash Team Does the Harlem Shake!

The Dash Radio Team Walks the Walk
Special Thanks to:  Alex de Brantes, Jon Wright, Aaron Baker, Andrew Young, Jeff Wright, Barb Ghent, Joe and Wanda Garland for everything from the idea to do it…to the striped underwear and spiderman costumes!  The dedication and love this team has for each other and life (and the freedom of working from home and pure entrepreneurial spirit) is an inspiration and HUGE motivator every single day.

Livin’ life by the entrepreneur’s creed:

Work like you don’t need money…
Love like you’ve never been hurt…

If it weren’t for this incredible group of people (and Peter Mingils who was too far away when the inspiration hit or I GUARANTEE he would’ve been right there with us) I would not have it in me to get through some days.  As entrepreneurs we have challenges that most will never face…by design.  But those of us who are BORN to BE entrepreneurs cannot BE anything else…and the BLISS we find in achieving liberty and in owning our days, our lives and our freedoms make even the BIG obstacles and the BAD days…worth it.

And if ever you have a day where you get to romp around in your halloween costumes, underwear and masquerade masks, to the newest “bumps” outta Harlem…film it…put it up on YouTube (and YOU ACTUALLY HOPE A MILLION PEOPLE SEE IT)…you will truly understand what a blast it is to be a home-based entrepreneur! :)  

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