Are you interested in becoming an advertising sponsor on the DashRadio?

Our Demographics:  Our show is an entrepreneurial radio show featuring guest speakers that are Best Selling Authors, Social Media Strategist, Company Owners, Attorney’s, Industry Experts and so much more. Our listeners tend to be 30-55 years old, married, with children, and work from home. Many of our listeners are using mobile devices and BlogTalkRadio to listen to the shows live, to our podcasts and to our recorded archives. The Dash Radio is currently averaging over 5,000 listeners a month, and growing by 26% a month on listenership.

We offer a variety of advertising options to help increase awareness of your business, brand, project, or product.  You will gain a great deal of exposure for your product, brand, project, or business to influential business owners and entrepreneurs each and everyday.

How often does the show air?

We currently broadcast Monday - Friday with weekend programming on the calendar for 3rd quarter 2013.  Dawn & Peter’s show is 1 hour a day Monday - Thursday at 7pm ET and additional shows are being slotted and have already began airing.  We now have Bob Adams “BreakFree” on Thursdays at 8pm ET and our Dash Drive-Time crew on Friday for Back-Talk and TGIF Guests to help our listeners blow off steam and ramp up for their weekends with up to 2 hours of programming on any given Friday. We are currently expanding our show schedule with dedicated hosts on specific niche topic matter, so stay tuned!

Sponsor Options

A show sponsor will receive the following:

  • 60 second (audio only) - Pre-recorded advertisements (provided by the sponsor)
    • Or audio only “live read” (advertiser must provide script)
  • A link to your website in your show description
  • Contests and giveaways with prizes (optional - sponsored by advertiser)

Sponsors commercial spots will show once during show.

  • 1 spot: $75
  • 2 spots: $130
  • 3 spots: $200
  • 4 spots: $250

A web sponsor can pick one or all of the following

  • 125 x 125 Banner Ad on $50 - per month
  • A Product Reviewed on the site - $150 per article that includes, testing 1-3 days, research, and article written with link to your site.  Testing times vary depending on product.  Products to be reviewed must be provided to theDash for review free of charge.
  • Exclusive Banner Ad in our email Newsletter:  $100 per week. (Prime exclusive real estate in our email newsletter.)
  • Provide Prizes for a contest or giveaway on the site, Twitter, FaceBook, or Google+ -Free

How do I get started?

Please use the form below to contact us. Provide us with your name, website, email address, and the type of advertising you’re interested in and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.