Sharyn Abbott Speaker, Author, Trainer Visits Us (PODCAST)

sharyn abbottSharyn Abbott is the founder of the largest business development organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs develop the best success habits for what they are passionate about.  Since 1991, Sharyn has helped more than 2,500 people become successful entrepreneurs, with more than 90% of them still in business.  Considering most businesses fail by their 2nd year anniversary, that’s an impressive statistic.  Sharyn Abbott is the author of 10 books including Mixing it Up, and Be Your Own Boss Guide and has helped over 100 authors get their books published.  Sharyn is recognized nationally as an entrepreneurial advocate and teaches highly creative courses for those branching out on their own.

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Sharyn Abbott was working with a big corporation when the CFO made an error in bookkeeping of several millions of dollars and Sharyn was one of the first people let go.  After being released from her job, Sharyn realized that she never wanted to give anyone the authority to do that to her again and thus, began her entrepreneurial journey.  After squaring herself away, Sharyn wanted to teach others to be able to duplicate her success and break away from the corporate strangle hold that is currently riddled with uncertainty and empower them to take control of their lives.

Sharyn’s current project is to move 6,000 children of the streets in the US to a school in Belize.  Currently over 200,000 children under the age of 19 are living on the streets in the US.  Of those 200,000, over half will either die before 35 or be incarcerated.  The opportunity with the school will be to enable children to learn in all different aspects of business & life.  Electives will be mandatory for every student and taught by experts in the field.  All the classes will be video taped and the students will be responsible for editing the footage and uploading it to the web to make it available to any child.  The project is the beginning of an awareness campaign to an issue that is hitting the home of US very hard.

Sharyn Abbott brought some great experiences and stories to the Dash Radio.  She is a true inspiration for the team and we applaud Sharyn for living her dash to the absolute greatest potential.  Support the Dash by purchasing Sharyn’s new book Mixing it Up a step by step  procedure on how to start a business through the Dash Store 

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