Semi-Truck Guerrilla Marketing

semi-truck guerrilla marketingSemi-truck guerrilla marketing or semi-truck advertising, is a great way to get the word out about your products or services.  As with all marketing techniques, this may not appeal to you or may not be a technique that interests you.  However, if you are looking to simply get the word out and are confident in your product selling, this may be an easy alternative to releasing a tv ad or online marketing campaign.

The first step is to establish a target market.  This essential with semi-truck guerrilla marketing due to the route that the truck will take and does your target audience live there?

If you are a small entity only looking for local exposure, best bet is to find local trucking companies and ask if they are interested.  Then, either go through their designer or locate your own if they do not already have one, in order to have an advertisement made.  If you are a larger entity and have your target market & target market location(s) selected, whats next?

You can either contact trucking companies that drive in your target area(s) or find an advertising agency that offers semi-truck guerrilla marketing services.  Once you have established a relationship with a trucking company, your next step would be to find a designer who can make a vinyl wrap for a semi-truck.  If you are going the ad agency route, most-likely this service will be included.  If not you now know your next step.

Once you have established the route that needs to be taken in order to have your advertisement on the truck, the last step is to have the ad approved by its respective entity.  Once approved you are home free!

Most advertising agencies that offer these services also track the trucks and compare with official traffic average to calculate a good ballpark of how many people might have seen your ad.  Semi-truck guerrilla marketing can be very effective in localized areas such as cities where the ad can make 1000′s of impressions in a couple of hours time.


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