Scott Allen on the 7 Keys to a Powerful Network - Recap

Scott Allen on the 7 Keys to a Powerful NetworkScott Allen is the author of The Virtual Handshake, as well as a dozen other books on social media, marketing and entrepreneurship.  I had the pleasure of meeting Scott at the ANMP Conference in Dallas two weeks ago.  Scott had my jaw dropping with his amazing ideas and ingenuity in the field of social media.  We had a great time hanging with him at the conference and can’t wait to have him on the show more often!

In this episode of The Dash, Scott Allen elaborates on the 7 keys to a powerful network.  These 7 keys will help establish the best networking and social media strategies suited for you and your brand or business.  The 7 keys follow a process of finding the gaps in what your current objectives and strategies are and filling them in. We are also very excited to announce that Scott Allen will be joining the Dash every Monday night!

Scott Allen on the 7 Keys to a Powerful Network Pt1:7_key_pt1

listen to Scott Allen on the 7 Keys to a Powerful Network Pt2: Scott Allen on the Dash

1. Character: High ethics and moral standards.  This relates to your network and social media in regards to how your character is perceived by the public.

2. Competence:  This is similar to character in that the relation to networking/social media lies in the public’s perception of your competence. Scott says “it’s not braggin’ if ya done it”.

3. Number (of people):  The number of people who are reached by you or your content via your network/social media platforms.

4. Strength: The strength of the relationship with people who are reached by you or your content.  The stronger the connection you make with the people you reach, the more likely they will promote your products, content, etc.

An additional note: Number and Strength are directly related; the higher the number of people reached = lower strength of relationship with people reached. This makes sense as the more and more comments received to ones Facebook page, the less likely one is able to comment back to that supporter/fan. Having an even flow between these two areas is important.

5. Relevance: This means, how relevant are the people you are reaching to your current and primary objectives.

6. Diversity: This is insurance for the unexpected. I f you: take a trip, or move, or change jobs, or get divorced, or undergo any big transition…the diversity of your network will keep you going.  No matter what your new direction is; if at least a portion of your network is pointed in that direction, then its a better start than an empty list.

Additional Note: Relevance and Diversity are the second “balancing act” of these 7 keys.  I’m sure after reading that you’re like “ok, keep all the people in my network relevant to what I’m trying to accomplish and make sure they are all different at the same time, THATS EASY! HAH!” It may not be the easiest balance to find, but it is very crucial. In my opinion, with a good balance of relevance and diversity you will find an optimal reach to the most people possible.

7. Information: This is the simplest key, but this key opens all six doors. The Information is what puts the other 6 keys into action! Information is your contact info, social media pages, tag-lines, handles, etc. Without information it doesn’t matter how much people like or support you or your content, if they don’t have your info, they can’t share it further with their own network and social media platforms.

It was so great to have Scott Allen on the show. He brings a wealth of knowledge on Social Media, and online marketing. Please revisit Scott Allen on the 7 Keys to a Powerful Network.

Additional Note:

Once you have started building:

Character and Competence in your reputation

- A large Number of relationships that are Strong and effective

- Relationships that are Relative to your objectives but Diverse in culture, passion, and/or longterm objectives..

..the only way action can occur is if there is an exchange or availability of Information.



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