Ron Broussard Discussing Stretch Yourself and Life Coaching

Ron BroussardRon Broussard got started in real estate by consulting and coaching real estate professionals on investments. Ron’s book Stretch Yourself, came from the concept of working out; when you push your muscles past their comfort zone, they never regains its former dimension.  This same concept can be applied to your mind; stretching outside your comfort zones, will enable you to attain those things that you don’t yet have and all those things are outside your comfort zone.  What you don’t have is outside your comfort zone. If you maintain focus & consistency, when you stretch yourself, you will get what you want.

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You’ve got to get the NO’s to get the YES’s.  Ron Broussard reflects back to a time when he was trying to get a girlfriend and he would hit on everybody, because Ron knew after 7 No’s and couple slaps he gets one YES! Once you know how many NO’s it takes until you get a yes, then with focus and consistency, with some small tweaks, you can even reduce the amount of no it takes to get a yes.  While working for Bell-South making sales calls, Ron realized that you need to start taking no’s differently.  While making a sales call for Bell-South, Ron gets turned down, it’s his third NO and he is EXCITED. Why?  Because in 3 more no’s he’d make a sale; when he mentioned this to the guy on the phone, he made a sale with him and closed his no rate down even more.  Once you’re able to STRETCCHHH yourself out of your comfort zone, that’s when you get what you want.

Ron Broussard’s defining moment was when he was on the phone with a client,the client was expressing to Ron what he wanted to achieve.  He then asked Ron what he thought of that.  Ron told him what he thought were the negatives and positives and then finally offered up his opinion on it.  The client had Ron on speakerphone with the clients Dad on the other line.  The clients Dad was just questioning why he would need a life coach and when he heard that Ron’s answer was identical to his, he said: that is no ordinary coach.  That moment redefined Ron’s purpose and passion for coaching.

Ron’s number one productivity tip is to make a weekly to do list instead of a daily to do list.  Ron’s reasoning is that when items are missed on a daily to do list, people have a tendency to fall back into ruts and get down on themselves because everything has not been completed.  With a weekly to do list,  if something isn’t complete on Monday, it can be picked up again on Thursday to be completed.  Second productivity tip is to take breaks.  You do not need to be seated at your desk all day; taking the time to stop and be with your kids and being in the moment, gives people the ability to come back to work refreshed with sometimes new ideas. Finally, Ron mentions to set goals.  Goals can be viewed as a road map to a final destination.  Roads are for journeys not destinations.

Listen to the recording above to get more details from Ron Broussard on being a life coach, stretching yourself and so much more. The show was loaded with laughs and it was just great to have Ron Broussard on The Dash.  Support The Dash by purchasing Ron’s book through our store.

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