Peter Talks with Jeet Banerjee the Young Entrepreneur

Jeet Banerjee

20 Year-old Entrepreneur

Jeet BanerjeeThis guy has always had an ‘entrepreneur brain’.

Jeet Banerjee was born in Southern California and lived with his family in the surrounding Orange & Los Angeles counties.  While attending school and being a normal kid for the most part, the first sparks of being an entrepreneur took place.  Around 2001, when he was only 9 years old, he became extremely fond of the idea of creating his own website.  After purchasing a domain and using FrontPage, Jeet was able to launch what you could call his first website or company, which was known as PowerDunk.

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His second sign of entrepreneurship appeared a little bit later.  Jeet started selling coins from online games. Instead of selling through the gaming developers, he sold the coins directly to other game players and did very well, he says.

Around the age of 17, he launched a multi-media company called JB Media Force.  JB Media offered web design, web development, video production etc.  He had 15 employees and was 19 years old when he sold the company.  Talk about “Dash-worthy”!

Jeet Banerjee has a second book that was just published called The Pursuit of Passion.  The book is geared towards newly-starting entrepreneurs who are looking to make a profitable business out of their ideas.  You can find the link to his new book at

His current start-up is called  Statfuse is a virtual platform that helps students and parents “conquer the college admissions process”.  As someone who has applied to many schools, attended three different colleges and just recently applied to another school, I can say this site could have helped me out a lot.  This site shows kids and parents what the chances of getting in are, shares tips and secrets to getting into desired school and helping with the over all college planning process.

Statfuse started because Jeet and his friends didn’t know how to go about getting into good schools after high school.  Their counselors were too booked to help them in time to apply.  So they set out to start a project that would offer the same “counselor” services, but make the information available 24/7 online so that all kids have access to it.  They outsourced the programming to a developing group that Jeet had already established a relationship with through a former project.  He talks about how the site is very data intensive and the difficulties that went into developing the site.  When Statfuse opened, the immediate response of 12,000 users was unexpected.  This was an early learning curve as the site was still in beta and hadn’t had a clear “monetazation plan” made.  Peter and Jeet go on to talk about more of the things he learned and overcame along the way.

Jeet Banerjee is an inspiration to every young entrepreneur, if Jeet can do it, so can you!

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