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This weeks series is our first installment of “Your Own Economy” on the Dash Radio. We will be discussing the elements that define what your own economy is, and how you can leverage them to create your personal economy and create independence from the ‘system.’  Discover the time freedom, financial freedom, leverage, lifestyle, technology, and tax benefits of Owning Your Own Economy by owning your own business.  Like Bob Adams said…If you don’t own your own business…”You’re NUTS!” :) (And Bob KNOWS!) 


Why Should You Own Your Own Economy/Business??

Time Freedom: Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be a trade off between the journey for success and the price you and your loved ones end paying for it? The scale tips to more time pursing money, and less time everything else. Starting your own home business gives you the flexibility to create you business around your life and not your life around your job.


Financial Freedom: Unless you have a financial vehicle that let’s you increase your income on demand, you are just and indentured servant, no matter how fancy your title or how many degrees you have.  Think about this for a moment. What would happen if you asked your boss for raise of a couple hundred to a couple thousand a month? Would you even have a job after that?


Leverage: Starting a home business today gives you the ability to leverage technology and services that can literally enable you with automation to be working 24 hours a day, world wide while you sleep. Leverage your efforts through strategic relationships to create unlimited monthly income. The Internet and technology literally puts at the doorstep of 100 million people every minute.


Lifestyle: Do you have a lifestyle now that really turns you on? Did you forget that a great lifestyle was even possible?  Starting a home business gives you the ability to design the schedule, money, and lifestyle you want.


Tax Write Off: Starting a home business means write offs. The US tax code offers home businesses 157 legitimate tax deductions. Bob Adams will be on future show where he discusses his simple bookkeeping template to get you business in order.

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