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Mr. Locario

Mr. Locario has been featured on Vh1, FUSE, The Dish Network, TLC, ABC Family, The Tyra Banks Show and Anderson Cooper.

He has also written for, Singles Warehouse and the Fort Green New York Times Blog.  What separates Mr. Locario from other relationship gurus, is his no-nonsense realistic approach to the dating game and the game of life.  The idea is to give men and women the knowledge, truth and confidence to understand what they want.  Thus, helping create the best options for themselves in Love and in Life.

Where he got started:

Mr. Locario is from New York City.  Right now,  he is a dating and life coach and runs an independent media company called I Think All Kinds of Kids Succeed (ITAKKS).  ITAKKS Entertainment, was started by Mr. Locario as a 12-year-old with his friends.  It’s pretty safe to say he was destined for Entrepreneurship.  Mr. Locario is also a rap artist and actor.  He still acts and raps, but has always had a passion to help people.  Mr. Locario decided that dating and relationship advice is where he could make his biggest impact.

Listen to the PodCast: Join Dawn & Peter with Mr. Locario - Apr 10,2013

Before the internet took off, Mr. Locario was helping people in his local area with dating tips as a hobby.  About 5 years ago, his business partner suggested that he take this hobby more seriously.  He then posted YouTube videos and left an email address for inquiries.  The next day he had over 50 emails from eager daters in need of his advice.

From there it kind of snowballed. - Says Locario

He started writing articles on different websites and then released a small book he made available for free.  As the business continued to grow he released products containing his material.

Along the way Mr. Locario had to learn a lot in order to build his hobby into a profitable business.

He says - The first thing I realized is you have to really love what you do.

There are a lot of hours that go into making your passion a successful business.  Mr. Locario used the internet to help him navigate the obstacles along the way.  Mr. Locario used WordPress to set up his website.  He says if you can use Facebook then you can set up a word press site and google is a great way to find out how it all works.  If you would like more tips on setting up a WordPress site, check out the audio from Mr. Locario’s show or check out The Dash’s Home Business Blog Series part 2!

Mr. Locario talks about approaching people and talking to people when shyness is a factor.  Mr. Locario suggest just having conversations with people when you are out.  For example, say “hello” to someone on an elevator or chat with someone as you wait in line.  This will make you more comfortable when approaching someone of interest.  Mr. Locario says shyness can root from insecurity; if you are excited about who you are, then you aren’t afraid to share yourself with people.  His number one tip for combatting shyness in the dating scene is pick locations that you are used to.  When you’re in an environment unfamiliar to you, meeting someone for the first time can seriously put you on edge.  Sticking to familiar locations will ease tension for the night.

Make sure you check out his website and all of his amazing dating products and advice.

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