Benefits of Moving Your Home Business Online

Hello again Dash faithful.  This is the first article in a small series about moving your home business online.  As you may know, The Dash Radio is based out of Arkansas, which has a small percentage of businesses in general who have established some kind of online presence.  In this first article,  we’ll talk about the benefits of moving your home business online.

Benefits of Moving your Home Business Online

Reduce Carbon Footprint

This is one of my favorite things about moving an offline business online.  Reducing the carbon footprint your company leaves behind is a huge service to the public. Why?  Changing to an eco-friendly business will improve your view in the public eye, as well as saving you money on paper costs.  But if doing your part to save the trees isn’t motivation enough, then keep reading about more potential savings for your home business.

Reduced Cost

Home Business Online SavingsOk let’s just talk savings now.  No more paying top dollar for the best billboard location on the nearest/busiest highway or taking out ads in the local newspapers/radio stations.  It’s actually pretty easy to find established sites with good to great traffic, that relates to your content and offer affordable monthly ad space.  One last cost reduction is manpower.  With the majority of your operations taking place online, they can be tracked and maintained with far less people that it takes to run a business manually.

Simplified Management

No longer do you have to manually keep up with all of your business info.  Once you successfully move your home business online,  you can track your analytics and information through several solid services.  With these services you can receive real-time updates and reports sent to you daily.  Having an online presence also gives your home business a hang out spot for your customers, clients and team to be and refer others to.

Don’t Limit to Local Only

When you are operating your home business offline, you limit yourself to only the people that your business can market too in your local area.  Moving your business online will open up the door to the rest of the world.  By not maintaining an online presence for your home business, you are literally turning down sales from markets you never expected.Global Communication Network


Last but not least, moving your home business online will save you time.  In the time it takes to make 1 or 2 customer service or order calls, you could have handled the entirety of the customer service issues and orders electronically.  With an autoresponder and FAQ section most of the spam and simple question emails can be handled almost virtually.  All the serious emails that need personal attention are now handled in record time by only a few people - tops.

To sum things up, by moving your offline home business online, you can potentially increase sales, reduce your costs, track success more effectively and provide value to your customers.  This wraps up part 1 in our Home Business Series that we will be releasing in the coming days.

Adios Dash-migos!


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