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Kosta Makreas ETLetsTalkKosta Makreas is a co-founder of ETLetsTalk.org and is currently featured in the paradigm-shifting documentary Sirius, breaking the long-held Government Secrecy regarding the truth of the ET presence on Earth.  Kosta has been a successful software consultant in Silicon Valley, California for more than 3 decades, but his true passion is creating and nurturing a global citizen’s movement, which connects to benevolent Star civilizations visiting earth.  Through ETLetsTalk.org, Kosta is in the vanguard of empowering teams and individuals, now in more than 50 countries, to initiate on-going communication with these peaceful ET civilizations.  This Human-ET partnership will facilitate the co-creation of our planet’s transformation to a New Earth of free energy, peace, abundance and joy.

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The EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) in the film is a male that is about 6″ tall.  There are many people out there that are not aware of ET or if they know a little bit about it, it  is a fleeting thought that brings no real value to their lives.  The movie is pushing the line because of the amount of hidden truths and lies.  Sirius is set to expose them.  There has been a massive cover up for many years of an ET presence.  The average person wants to know the relevance to their lives.  Kosta says Amardeep has done an amazing job of communicating to people with limited understanding and transitions them to an understanding of ET.  Sirius will be exposing truths that we are better off knowing now so that we can proceed with more information.

The movie is the opus of Dr. Steven Greer’s career.  He has over 400-500 sworn video testimonies.  The witnesses range from military personal, corporate officials and black project officials.  In the movie, Dr. Greer will bring forward some of his witnesses who have been part of cover-ups and are coming out as whistle blowers on the operations.  The media and Hollywood have gone out of their way to depict ETs as threats to our family, children and our lives.  Kosta says once you see the truth, you begin to question WHY is all this being covered up.

ETLetsTalk.org is a social community who are taught how to make ET contact.  There is ample evidence that those Star civilizations have made connections.  The techniques used allow you to be contacted in variety of ways.  Kosta says maybe ETs have decided that they have solved some of our problems and they are looking at us wanting to help and share ideas that could shift us out of our current destructive habits.  ETs are being prevented from landing and making an open communication due to weapons we have.  ETLetsTalk is about taking your power back and being able to open up lines of communication with Star Civilizations. Kosta has been opening communication since 2010 and no one has ever reported a negative experience.  If there were ET civilizations that wanted to take us over, why do they need our gold or mutilated cattle?  They have solved problems that we have not even thought of yet.  They have been here the past 1,000 years and in the past 100 years, with the development of nuclear weapons, we’ve had significant increase in visits to Earth.  Kosta will be back with the Dash after the release of Sirius.  Use the email form below to stay up to date on future developments and when the movie is released online.

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