Judi Moreo Expert Author, Speaker, & Cancer Surviver

Judi MoreoJudi Moreo went for a mammogram one day and the next minute later her whole world was turned upside down.  Two days later ,Judi was on the operating table for cancer.  She wrote the book Overcoming Cancer a Journey of Faith.  It is Judi’s story of cancer.  After her surgery she found out she needed to have another surgery and begin radiation.  Judi began to realize that this was not right and started to follow what she was feeling in her mind and soul.  Her feelings led her to pursue a naturopathic way of treatments - 6 months later the cancer was gone.  The book covers Judi Moreo’s experiences, research and why what she chose to do worked.

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Judi believes that all of us are touched by cancer.  We know someone who has had it or we’ve had it. Through the gift of cancer, Judi was able to change her habits and saved her life.  You don’t have to be scared about cancer.  There is so much you can do to take control of your situation.  The number one tip Judi has for supporting cancer is to boost your immune system by changing your diet & supplements.  You must change your lifestyle.

The doctor recommended to Judi Moreo that she take 9,00o units of vitamin C a day.  EmergenC, which you can purchase at any local grocery or pharmacy over the counter, comes in tablet or packet that contain 1,000 units of Vitamin C.  The doctor suggested to take 3 packets a day initially, then 6, then 9.  Vitamin C is a natural immune system booster and also helps protect us from various types of cancer.  It also helps make collagen which is used by the body to heal wounds and support blood vessels and it also acts like an anti-oxidant.  Vitamin C in high doses can act as a natural energy booster and Judi still uses Vitamin C to gain energy when she feels tired.

Judi did not have a background in nutrition prior to her having cancer.  She grew up in an environment where her mother was feeding her what she thought was healthy.  Judi found out if it is box, bottled, canned or packaged - she should not be eating it.  You don’t want to eat dairy products because dairy creates mucus in our bodies and cancer lives in the mucus of our bodies.  Cancer is an alarming message that you must change something about your life or you can die.  Judi was eating fruits, above ground vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish.  Judi is convinced that if you change these habits now,  you can avoid getting sick with cancer all together and by default you will begin promoting a much healthier lifestyle.

“The power that made the body, heals the body, it is the only way”

When Judi Moreo was in South Africa and was sitting at a dinner table with Nelson Mandela, she asked him, “Did you ever believe you were getting out of prison?” Nelson Mandela responded with “Oh yes, I visualized it in my mind every day.  I saw myself walking out and visualized it for 24 years.”  You need to visualize your behaviors and what you can do change them, slow things down around you and take a deep breath.  You must do what feels right to you.  Doctor’s are only going to advise you on what they know to do.  Judi stresses that you must pay attention to what your body is telling you.  The results of the work will go beyond rewarding.

It was an absolute pleasure having Judi Moreo on the show.  You can purchase her book and read the inspiring story of Judi’s trials, tribulations  and successes with her cancer story.  Take Judi’s story as opportunity to change your life today and avoid the problems that can be waiting for you tomorrow.



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