John Oszajca Teaches How to Sell Music Online

how to sell music online We welcome John Oszajca to the Dash Radio on 3/27/13 to teach you how to sell music online.  John has been professionally performing, writing and recording music for nearly 20 years.  John has had deals with Interscope, Universal and Warner Brother Records. Eventually, after not selling enough albums, John was dropped by the labels and left in financial turmoil.  After being lured into a Get Rich Quick Scheme and actually making some sales from the course, John learned that it is possible to sell products online and in volume.  After investing thousands of dollars in research and development, John has released the Music Marketing Manifesto and his MasterMind Insider Circle.  Listen to the show:Join Dawn & Peter with John Oszajca

How to Sell Music Online: Music Marketing Manifesto

John set the single day sales record at CDbaby for an artist that had no radio play, no video play and no live performances.  John uses Direct Response Marketing, which is a form of marketing that bypasses retailers, distributors and labels and goes to direct to the consumer.  John has his own flavor of this style of marketing called Direct to Fan Marketing.  John calls direct to fan Marketing the art of generating fans, creating relationships and create sales triggers that result in sales of your music.  Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0 is the culmination of 20 years of experience from John in the industry.  Through 9 modules, 23 videos, 3 websites templates, audio interviews, email swipe files, an interactive members area and a music marketing toolbox.  John gives you everything you need to learn how to sell music online for $97!

How the has the industry changed and you?

The industry was turned upside down from the time that everyone was capable of burning and sharing music with other people.  Due to illegal downloads, the profit margins are much smaller in the music industry and labels can no longer take the same risks it used to.  Thus, making the industry much harder to break into unless you have a national platform such American Idol.  Since having two children and managing the businesses, John is finding less time now for his writing, although he does have his fourth album in the can.  He enjoys splitting his time between New Zealand and California, living his Dash by working at home; teaching others how to sell music online and never missing those oh so treasured moments that most traditional artists who spend their lives on the road truly never get to experience.  John says he would not trade the stress of running a business to get job or anything of the sort.

John Oszajca’s Music and Services

 Music Marketing Manifesto $97
MasterMind Insiders Circle $47 month
Free Video that Reveals John’s Strategy
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