How to Start an Online Radio Show - If You’re Me. Pt.2

Tonight is a big night for us at the Dash.  Up until now, we have been taking baby steps, dingin’ around with the software SWAGGin’ going nice and easy for the first 8 weeks.  We took small steps, made small advances, gave ourselves the ability to learn small and have them be easily correctible.

As I was sitting here tonight chomping at the bit waiting to hear from Peter how things are going with our first email to our database - I figured my time would be best served getting started on article #2o in How 2 Start Your Own Radio Show (If you’re me.)  First, let me explain the disclaimer (If you’re me) of the series.  Here’s the truth of the matter…there are probably a gazillion different ways to decide how to start an online radio show.  Especially an internet radio show.  How I did it is how I did it.  I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of entrepreneur. I am a hunter…not a farmer.  I am sales, marketing, communications, strategies and word of mouth first…then I’m other stuff :)

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