How to Start a Radio Show - If You’re Me. Introduction.

d_leatherHow to Start a Radio Show
- If You’re Me


Last night, I walked into the kitchen after the show and we started chat-chitting about the show and Andy (one of my guys: protege, friend, teammate, who lives here and works hard) tells me that since I came in 2 weeks ago and said that we needed to seriously break up the talk on the show with commercials and music and “stuff” because it was droning(and no one on earth wants to spend an hour listening to people drone.) he continued, “Since that day the show has become something he stopped listening to because he HAS to and is now something he looks forward to listening to because he actually likes it a lot.  (I’m paraphrasing a bit but that was definitely the idea. (Chime in ANYTIME  in the comments Andy (and Aaron) I pinky swear you won’t hurt my feelings.) was a really great thing to hear, because on December 15th 2012 only what…7 weeks ago when I blurted the fact that I have wanted my own talk show for decades and I had the idea in my head that I could (we could) actually ACCOMPLISH something like this…and do it well - to my co-host Peter Mingils.  Please note that the reality was - I didn’t have a single clue HOW TO start a radio show. But I’m just not the kind of person that gets tripped up by those types of details.  I didn’t know how to put a closet organizer in when I was a stay-at-home mom of 22 y/o either.  It took me 8 hours (instead of the 1 1/2 the box toted) but I did it - and as ridiculous as it may sound - it is one of the things I remind myself of in situations just like this one EVERY TIME!  (If you could put that closet organizer in d…you can do ANYTHING.) So, how hard could it be?

Here’s the thing…my reason for taking Peter’s advice was bigger than any “How 2″ obstacles I could face.  I was (am) standing on a precipice.  I’m in one of those “defining moments” of my life right now.  You know the ones…where either YOU define the moment or the moment defines YOU.  So, I didn’t know how to start a radio show, but what I DID know was that I was disappearing (as did Peter)… and that was enough to spark action.  Peter told me I had been exposed to way too much kryptonite lately and that I needed a microphone in my hand and I needed to start talking again.  Now. Why? Because THAT is what I DO.  I talk.  So does Peter.  Then he called me WonderWoman - (my childhood hero) and that inked the deal.  My background is 25 years in field and corp leadership  in the home business/MLM industry. Peter’s is similar in Direct Sales.  We have both (for many many years) been creating systems and programs for entrepreneurs and then we talk to and train said entrepreneurs on the How to”s of said systems, programs and entrepreneurism in general.

So, back to last night, as the conversation continued on to our trending topic of HOW , another one of my guys (Aaron: protege, friend, teammate, who lives here and works hard too) says to me, “You know the thing YOU gotta do to really stand out here …is you gotta blog every day what you’ve done and what you’re going through and learning while you’re doing this. Seriously, there are a TON of people out there that would LOVE to launch a radio show from their home and they don’t have a clue how to make that happen. You gotta tell ‘em. You HAVE TO blog about this experience Dawn…every day.  It will be read.  I’m telling you I swear it will.”  So, here we go…


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