How to Setup a Concert in Your Backyard

How to setup a concert in your backyard

How to setup a concert in your backyard.  A little over a month ago we had the pleasure of having Rachel Fields appear on the Dash Radio. Rachel Fields is the lead singer and co-owner of Brick Fields Music.  Rachel is a dear friend to Dawn Wright-deBrantes and they decided to put together a Home Show.  We have never organized music at our house before and we hope that you can learn from our experiences and tips on how to setup a concert in your backyard.

How to Setup a Concert in your Backyard: Day Before Concert

1. Manicure the grounds.

Spring is just now hitting and that held us back because we hadn’t mowed yet.  Now is the time to start your spring cleaning if you live in the Southern US.  Save yourself potential hours of extra work by mowing, weed eating, weed killing and etc. ahead of time.

2. Clean up.

Before you can honestly start setting anything up, it all has to be clean.  All concession and crowd areas were first cleaned with blower and broom to clean up all the dust and dirt.  Next, all the counter tops and table tops were wiped down.  Don’t forget to pick up any trash that has flown onto your property or out of your trash.

3. Canopy/Folding Table Setup

Having canopies are essential for any outdoor event not just music.  We had a 10×20 canopy setup on wooden deck for the band.  You can never count on the weather channel to give 100% accurate data.  We had two clouds sprinkle on us for an hour or so and everyone stayed dry and most importantly the music stayed on.  You can get many 10×10 canopies online or offline for under $100. I do not recommend you purchase those types of canopies, they will fall apart.  Make the investment today in a quality canopy and you will be happy that you do not need to buy more next season.

4. Parking

It is painstakingly cheap and easy to setup an impromptu parking lot.  We bought a dozen stakes of rebar and some caution tape for under $20 and both of which can be reused. Parking is essential.  You do not want to ruin your newly manicured lawn with cars all over the place.  You could also offer VIP parking at a premium price as an additional revenue stream for your event.

5. Restrooms

This really matters based on the amount of people who show, but even 20 people at your house for 4 hours could use the bathroom about 5 times each which would equal about 100+ flushes on your toilet.  I recommend to at least get one porta potty and avoid your home getting abused.

How to Setup a Concert in your Backyard: Day of Concert

6. Organize Concession/Crowd Areas

Determine what you are going to make, if anything, for the attendees of the concert.  We decided to keep it simple, and offer hot dogs, nachos, chili, chili dogs, and assortments of sodas & chips.  Naturally do what you can that fits your budget and your needs.  You do not want to spend $1000 on items for sale if only 10 people are coming.

7.  Band Setup

Brick Fields Music brought their own amps, speakers, mics and instruments.  You can avoid paying/renting AV equipment by checking to see if the band can bring their own.  Just supply outlets and they manage the rest.

8. Marketing

Based on your budget your marketing is impacted.  We decided to post flyers in public areas of our town, plus we leveraged the network that Brick Fields Music has to draw our audience.  Advertising in local papers is also strongly encouraged.

9. Enjoy the music!

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