How Facebook Reply Can Hurt or Grow Your Home Business

home business facebook pageI logged into Facebook to post on our page and was presented with a neat pop up from Facebook asking me if I wanted to turn on “Reply”.  Reply is a new feature that Facebook has implemented that allows you to directly reply to one comment in a thread.  My first thought was Yes!  My second thought was nooooo!  I feel that anyone managing an online presence with their home business will either rejoice with this new feature or contemplate for the tenth time this year why you’re still on FaceBook.

At the Dash we strongly recommend that if you have a home business that you must maintain some sort of social presence.  Which social network you hang out on the most is based on what type of product, project or brand you’re attempting to create or maintain.  Your customers are on certain networks isolating which ones are essential in your home business online marketing efforts.  If you happen to have a Facebook business page for your home business, then you to0 may have seen this pop up.  Reply is going to change the way we engage with customers online.  You can now single one person out of a thread of comments and open up a discussion with them.  If you run contests, giveaways or games that require users to comment, you can now contact the winner directly instead of posting a new comment to the whole thread.

If your home business is already a popular hang out on Facebook it may get a lot busier with this update.  Before you were having singular conversations

explosionwith groups of people and from time to time potentially choosing one person and interacting with them.  Now,  conversations can be opened up by you and this can get very messy if you start too many conversations, on too many threads, with too many individuals - all this can lead to a total disaster. See the image to the right.

When experimenting with reply do not over extend yourself by opening up too many conversations on your page.  Start small, then scale.  I will be experimenting with FaceBook reply and its impacts it can have on home businesses over the next month along with some tips to better use the service.  If you have not connected with us on Facebook please do and maybe we can have a threaded conversation together.

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