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So far in this Home Business Series, we have talked about the benefits of moving your home business online and the useful tools and tips of making the online move. At this point you have a functioning website; but how much traffic is moving through your site?  Traffic is the key that unlocks the profit door for your website. Conducting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign SHOULD build a solid page rank and domain authority for your site.  What can keep that from happening?  Unnatural traffic, thats what.  Remember that organic traffic growth will ultimately pay off in the end when your site has an established authority.  This authority will be attained as more established websites link to your website.  Enough with me trying to sound like an SEO expert, lets talk about how you can start building a solid foundation for your website as an authoritative source on the internet with our Home Business SEO and Social Media Strategy.

home business seo and social media strategySEO Tools.

If you’re going to embark on an SEO campaign, you’re going to need to tools.  Keyword research is essential to find out how hard it is going to be to rank your content for the topics you’re writing/posting/talking about.  Tracking your analytics is essential to seeing your growth and testing what works or does not work; i.e. what pieces of content attract more people or bring more traffic to your site.  There are a lot of different sites that offer SEO tools, check out the links below and play around with the tools. The better you understand your tools, the better you can use them.

Social Media.

Social media is one of the best ways to get your sites content out to the masses.  It is also a great point of contact for your fans and/or customers.  Think of social media like the personality of your online presence.  First impressions mean everything.  Selecting which social media network is going to work the best with your site, content and mission is an important decision.  You do not want to get lost in posting to every social media network and managing all the spam that can pop up in your posts, which can be detrimental to the overall goal of attracting people.  Our next post will dive further into the details of how particular social media networks can help or hurt your website.Social Media


Content is the life blood of your site.  It is why people come to your site; it’s what they get value from and it is what keeps them coming back.  Content is what they will share on the “inter-webs” with their personal networks.  Think of your content as the skills and talents or “meat and potatoes” if you will, of your online presence. Your websites content needs to be RELEVANT to your niche.  I am not saying to have zero fun with your content, but too many off-topic posts are not going to keep people around either.  The relevance of all of your content will help you build a more established authority within your online niche as you pump out more and more content.  This brings me to my other big content rule: Consistency!  Keep that content rolling out, if someone likes your content they are going to want more of it.  The more content you throw at them, the more they share it and use it - then more people find out about your site.

Make Website Friends.

What the ‘H’ does that mean?  That means find related sites to help build your online authority.  Directories are great sites to have linking back to you.  Some more established directories are the Yahoo! Directory and Dmoz.  Directories are not necessarily related to you though, when I say “website friends”,  I mean search around for other sites within your niche.  They can be similar to your site or but they do not have to be identical.  When you are looking for website friends ask yourself this question: Can my content provide value to this websites traffic/followers/fans in some way, shape, or form?  If you answer that question with a yes, then contact them and request to be listed on their Resource/Useful Links list.  At the same time,  if you find a site that contains content that would provide value to your readers, then add them as resource or useful link on your site.  One good practice that has been coined in our office at The Dash Radio is “SEO karma”. So if you see a site that deserves some juice, pass it along, it’ll come right back to you in some form.

What have we learned about increasing our website traffic today?  1. SEO, is the way to go!   2. Keep the content rolling and relevant.  3. Make friends online and spread the love!

Thanks for reading!

Recommended Tools

SEOMoz - Search Engine Optimization Suite; Keyword Checker, Link Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Website crawler issue tracking, and more. This tool is paid but with a free trial.

Ubersuggest - Literally helps you generate thousands of new keyword ideas. This tool is free.

Topsy - Track mentions of your site, brand, or product on Twitter, and Google+. This tool is free.

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