20 Low Cost or Free Advertising Ideas for Home Business

Free Advertising Ideas for Home BusinessAdvertising is an essential element to building your home business.  When it comes to advertising, you need to be able to target your appropriate audience and maximize your results, all while keeping your costs down.  If you’re new to starting a home business, or even if you have had a home business for many years, I am sure you can find some useful advertising resources that are free and low-cost. Some of these ideas can be implemented today, while others take planning, but all revolve around one thing - not pinching your pockets.

20 Low Cost or Free Advertising Ideas for Home Business

  1. Business Cards:  Often overlooked but paramount to have.  Hand your cards out to everyone.  Include them in your invoices, when you pay your bills or when you are out venue promoting or networking.  Vistaprint offers many ‘deals’ on cards,  however I am partial to the quality and lure of Moo.com.
  2. Sample Product: Hand out samples of your product at local events, PTA Meetings, meet ups at coffee shops, etc.
  3. Cross-Promotion: Collaborate with other business owners on a giveaway, contest or split the costs and attend a trade fair or event.
  4. Free Pay Per Click Advertising: Search around, you can find coupons all the time ranging from $50-$125 in FREE advertising from Google, FaceBook or Bing.  GoDaddy often gives out these types of coupons with a new domain purchase.
  5. Social Media: Your product, project or your brand will determine which social networks you hang out the most on: Google+, Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest and YouTube.  If you’re a baker, maybe Pinterest is your best social network because of all the pictures you can take of the finished product, baking process and even share recipes with others online.  If you’re a tax accountant, being on Google+ and FaceBook are essential to create a business page and it gives a place for your customers to visit you.
  6. Radio:  Appear as a Guest on an internet radio show.  RadioGuestList is a premium source that connects with hundreds of radio shows that you can appear on and be interviewed.
  7. Craigslist: Connect with customers in your local area by posting ads on Craigslist.com
  8. Vendor: Become a vendor at a craft fair,trade show,flea market or conference.  Conferences can be quite costly, but I thought I would mention it anyway.
  9. WoM: Word of Mouth marketing.  Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth.  The right product can literally drive millions of people - all powered by word of mouth alone.
  10. Blog: You can create a professional looking blog for $50  for the template plus the domain and hosting.  Consistant writing over months will drive free, natural, search engine traffic to your site every day.  We’re HUGE fans of WordPress.
  11. Direct Mail: USPS offers a very cost effective solution: Every Door Direct Mail for direct mailing to certain zip codes at 50-100 pieces a day.  This is great for reaching out to residents in your town and surrounding areas, informing them of your new business - you can even include a coupon they can redeem.
  12. Car Magnets: You can purchase car magnets cheap online or find someone in your local area that is a small business; perhaps you can barter for a discount.  With a car magnet, everywhere you go - so does your business.
  13. Chamber of Commerce: Connect with your local Chamber.  How big or small your town is, can determine how much your annual fee is.  Many chambers offer tons of free services once you join; you can easily recoup the money you spent to join.
  14. Groupon: Depending on your business, you can launch a Groupon deal.  It is a great way to increase your business’s exposure in your local surrounding areas.
  15. SlideShow: Animoto allows you to create a free 60-second slideshow video for your product, brand, project or home business.
  16. Maps: Setup a Google Maps listing for your business.  This is essential: google ranks its places pages in the search results for local queries very well.  Depending on where you live, you might be the only one in your area with a maps listing.
  17. Promotions: Launch a giveaway, contest, loyalty cards or coupons.  You can attach coupons to receipts to encourage repeat purchases.
  18. Press Releases: Submit press releases to local newspapers for free publicity.
  19. Phone Book: Register for your local phone book as your business.
  20. Sponsor: You can sponsor or donate to PTA meetings or school events to create brand awareness.

I often forget to remember to do all of these things, so do like me and bookmark these 20 low cost or free advertising ideas for home business.

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