Facebook Timeline Fan Gate…is Dead?

Facebook Timeline Fan Gate (or Like Gate), used to be a fairly common social media marketing technique. What is a fan or like gate?  If you have ever clicked on a Facebook ad that takes you to a promotional page that has the like button and in order to view the full-page and content you must click like…you’ve been fan gated.  Fan gating has its lovers and its haters and after doing some research, I will agree with the latter.  Not only did this method produce marginal results to begin with, but you can no longer set your fan gate to be the default landing page with the transition to Facebook Timelines.  Everything that defined this social media marketing technique is dead.  You can still make a Facebook Timeline Fan Gate however, it needs to be an application and you will need to drive traffic from your news feed to the application.Facebook Timeline Fan Gate

If you are looking to implement a Facebook Timeline Fan Gate we have compiled some new resources at the bottom of this post.  At the Dash, we find that advertising on Facebook is one of the cheapest online methods of advertising in the Cost Per Click or Cost per Impression space.  Focus on creating quality, engaging and educational content.  Provide value to your readers, fans and  subscribers and in turn they will naturally begin to share your content across the web.  Social Media Marketing takes time and effort.  Every viral video or campaign that ‘happened over night’ took months of preparation and thought to launch.  Focus on being consistent instead of using cheap tricks to turn uninterested visitors into uninterested leads.

If you are promoting a deal, new product, group buy or have any contests to promote,  a fan gate  should still be a useful tool for social media marketing. Driving engaged fans to a new promo/contest page that you created in an app.  Encouraging users to opt-into a segmented list related to contest or promotion.

Facebook Timeline Fan Gate Resources

FaceItPages - Offers a Drop and Drag Editor for Fan Gate, Page, & Cover Photo Creation

WildFire - Social Media Marketing Promotions for FaceBook Pages






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