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Esther KissEsther Kiss pronounced Kish, originally from Budapest, grew up in Hungary and Romania.  She also lived in several other countries before relocating to Los Angeles, California.  Esther traveled around the world “trying to find some meaning in her life”.  She says it was simply because she wanted to take advantage of the next opportunity if it seemed promising. Throughout her business travels, she learned the intimate business practices that different cultures use.  Well known for her creativity and an eye for spotting business opportunities, Esther’s work ethic is showcased by the fact that clients hire her time and time again.

While living in Europe for seven years, Esther has regularly participated in the business growth and strategy sessions of family owned groups of companies with international holdings; ranging from hotels & restaurants to shipping & trading companies.  Esther has met the demands of having to contribute to the simultaneous growth and expansion of several businesses, located in a multitude of countries and owned and managed by only a handful of people.  Through these experiences, Esther Kiss gained skills to spot time-saving and additional money-making opportunities in small businesses in a variety of industries.

She originally came to the United States to become an actress.  She says that acting is “really different from any other creative enterprise”.  Thinking out of the box is a good way to find opportunities to get your name out there as an actor.   In the digital age, the equipment to create is more readily available, such as  Youtube.  Esther says she sees more actors creating their own projects these days, i.e Funny or Die.  This is huge because when actors are being considered for television or movie roles, their “reach” is taken into account like a Klout score or number of Facebook Fans.  See our post on Rippln to understand the importance of leveraging your social influence.

Esther Kiss definitely has an extensive background in business which she gained when she started looking at ways to make money while acting.   She “avoided the stereotype” by not becoming a waitress and decided to start day trading instead.  Esther would trade at 5 & 6 in the morning and have the rest of the day for auditions. This went really well for her until the recession hit and the market plummeted.  When this happened,  she faced the music and the need to make money.  With extensive experience in teaching Hungarian to Americans, Esther decided to go after the top 20% of the market and make a successful business out of teaching Hungarian.  She says it’s about tapping into the market and going for people who have a big need or a big desire for what you have to offer.  She says “need and desire are opposite sides of the same coin.”  Esther Kiss made a special offer for every listener of the show and we don’t want to give it away so listen to recording below to find out!

Listen to the podcast: Esther_Peter_Dawn

I know I learned a lot from this show.  Thanks for reading!

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