Edward Ozowsky Paranormal Researcher Joins

Edward OzowskyEdward Ozowsky is currently a member of the Rhine Research Center, member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, American Society of Psychical Research, the Association of Trans-Communication, and founder of Hauntings Research.

Hauntings Research came into existence approximately  4 ½ years ago.  The team is composed of a very talented group of individuals with experience in psychic phenomena, hauntings and poltergeist experiences.  The team represents decades of experience in science, research and analysis.  Ed was drafted into the paranormal.  His first experience was with a shadow ghost in the crib and the ghost convinced Ed to climb to the top of the railing, from which he fell and cracked his head open.  Ed has been exposed and living with the paranormal all his life.  Ed even goes onto say that the house that he currently lives in with his wife is haunted too.

Listen to the recording of the show: Paranormal Research with Dawn, Peter

As an undergraduate, Edward Ozowsky was turned on to doing something, when Ed read the book The Search for Bridey Murphy produced in the late 50 and Ed read it in the 60’s and is a fascinating book about reincarnation.  Ed’s curiosity into the paranormal was really piqued at this time. The Search for Bridey Murphy opened Ed’s eyes to the idea that there is something that exists in us after death.  Ed began to move on from this point in his life when he met Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia.  Dr. Stevenson is considered the pioneer of reincarnation in western society; he wrote a very influential book in 1974 called Twenty Cases of Suggested Reincarnation it is one of the very few scientifically based books that is still readable.  Dr. Stevenson connected Ed with Dr. J.B. Rhine at Duke University who was conducting research on ESP, Telekinesis, telepathy and clairvoyance. During this time, Ed became very involved in research aspect of the search to find something that exists outside of the body.

What Edward Ozowsky does is research, what people tend to think that paranormal researchers do is investigations.  The investigation is just one aspect of research.Paranormal Research Research is a process of steps used to collect and analyze information so they can increase their understanding of a topic or issue.  Ed’s research has three steps. They ask a question (the hypothesis), they collect data (the investigation), the third step is analysis of the data in an attempt to present an answer to the original hypothesis that will make a difference into what is currently the thought process for life after death phenomena. In other words, Ed’s team is trying to influence current thought.  If you go to HauntingsResearch.com you can see some pictures that have been taken over the last 100 or so years, the site has links to their social media channels.  Most importantly, Hauntings Research has YouTube channel where you can watch videos of the data that Ed and his team have collected over the years.

Edward Ozowsky has been conducting research on Larimer Mansion for 3 years.  It is a 223-year-old Bed and Breakfast that you can still rent a room out today in Pennsylvania.  They are researching the mansion because it is one of the most active places that Ed has ever seen.  There is a haunted painting that since October of last year, on 9 different occasions has changed the people in the painting.  Ed has this on FILM.  Bodies and faces that are not indigenous to the painting.  Reflections, scratches and imperfections have been ruled out.  Ed’s organization tries to make all cleared data available for anyone to scrutinize.  Ed’s purpose is to make this information available to anyone, so if you too have experienced something paranormal, you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and that there is actual scientific research into the very thing you potentially saw.

Listen to the recording of Ed’s show above.  It was absolute pleasure to have Ed on the show.  It’s not everyday here at The Dash that we get to take a trip down the paranormal road.  It was most certainly interesting to hear Ed’s story and how he is living his Dash.

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