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Dawn and Peter had the opportunity to interview Denise Michaels, live on the Dash Radio. Denise Michales is the best-selling author of the book Testosterone Free Marketing(On sale for $1.99!), and Owner of the International Book Writers Guild. Denise teaches about how the book publishing industry has changed, should you self publish vs getting your book publish. Denise also reveals scary truths about the book publishing industry that any author, and aspiring author should know.

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Peter: How has the Book Publishing Industry Changed?

Denise: It is now more accessible than it has ever been to published a book. With you can upload a kindle version of your book and in 24 hours it is for sale on With a hardcover version of your book for sale at $25 your royalties on that book would be $1.24. On Amazon the author gets 70% of sales of their books, and with print on demand there is much less risk and more profitable than traditional book publishing. Many of the large book publishers only publish books of authors or people who have national platforms such as Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, and Newt Gingrich. With traditional book publishing Denise warns you that your printing, paper, and binding should cost 1/8 to 1/10 of the cover price somewhere between $2-$2.25.

Peter: Why don’t more people self publish?

Denise: A lot of people do not know that they can self publish easily. To many people are stuck in the traditional method of book publishing and don’t realize they could be selling their book through amazon without an investment in 1,000 books or 100,000 books. What fueled this behavior was initially a lot of misinformation was spread around that you were less credible if you self published vs getting a book publisher which is not the case at all. The book publishing industry was ripe for change.

“Book publishing now favors the author which has flipped the industry upside down”

Peter: How do I write a book?

Denise: If you want to write a book you must enjoy writing. You break your book down into small pieces. Make an outline of your book. Do a competitive analysis of your niche. Once you set the foundation the book begins to flow. The International Book Writing Guild is a group book mentoring course that Denise offers. She helps fine tune your ideas into something more marketable, and teaches how to break your book up into bit size pieces while still working your job. Denise number one tip for writing a book is a question that she asks everyone she does a consultation with.

“What is my life the laboratory from which I am the perfect consume.”

Loosely translated means what problem have I gotten really good at solving that I can teach others. Denise reveals that memoirs are the slowest selling category of books. Denise mentions she went to a Borders that was open for its final day of business and the shelves were empty and their was one table with books and about 80% of them were memoirs and that even at 90% off retail they still didn’t sell. Denise goes onto mention that non fiction books sell 2x more than fiction books. We really enjoyed having Denise on the show, and we look forward to having her back on the show when Dawn finishes her book taking the course Denise offers. If you ever wanted to write a book visit the International Book Writers Guild and mention “Dawn or Dash” in the contact form! Grab Denise’s book Testosterone Free Marketing for $1.99! marked down from $12.99 in our store.

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