Dawn & Peter…On Integrity, Loyalty, Character & Doing the Right Thing


Pringils_400x300Every once in a while we are tested in life.  Some of us more often than others…but all of us face them on occasion.  They are the defining moments in our lives.

Many of us like to think of ourselves as people of integrity…loyal…with true character.  Some people even create their professional brand identity around these powerful and important traits.  They call or name themselves or their companies something especially trustworthy, honest and “stand-up”…but that doesn’t make it so.  Then there are those who will stand in the fire, never turn their back on their people and will to do the right thing…no matter what the cost (or who is looking)…because it is who they are and what they are made of - and they simply don’t waiver due to external forces.  Which one are you?


Join Dawn & Peter in this candid conversation on integrity, loyalty, character & doing the right thing (even when it’s uncomfortable or unpopular…which it usually is).  

We all have fears, obstacles and real life stuff that we are facing and dealing with each and every day.  Death of a loved one, divorce, children in trouble - and the list goes on.  Often it’s critical to focus on life’s positives and keep our eyes on the prize instead of the problems.  Other times however…it’s MISSION CRITICAL to let it out…vent…beat the hell out of a punching bag and CLEAR the energy instead of stuffing it (into our over stressed bodies for it to manifest into cancer and other forms of illness.)  Most times…it’s “D” - All of the above.  We need to just to be heard.  To talk about the issue, what it is and how it feels.  To vent - when we’re so clouded by the feelings that getting to resolution simply isn’t going to happen til we dump all of that emotion.  Then to work it through in order to process and resolve the situation. We’re all human and in a world of individual @home businesses where we are connected to the world - we tend to be more isolated than ever, lacking the human-to-human contact of co-workers and office buildings that we leave behind to go home - we sit in our home @ work with no one to bounce things off of.  One of the most precious gifts we can give to ourselves is a buddy (remember the buddy system?) or a coach that we can vent to, bounce things off of or someone that will simply hold the pillow while you punch :) .

This fantastic video was sent to Dawn by her coach Dan Dorr (who she talks about often on the show) www.DanDorr.com - to give her a visual on what happens when we try to KILL our distractions or STOP them or attempt to force them to go.  Many times giving them that energy just multiplies them.  Watch the Samurai & the Fly - click here

Scott Allen on 7 Keys to a Powerful NetworkOn the other side of those who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk…there are others who DO walk the walk  - but run into a snag or worse…an unruly, hateful and totally unappeasable customer who chooses to use a well-trafficed and unmonitored bashboard to harm them.   As professionals in todays business world, we are confronted daily with publicly aired trouble tickets and issue resolution occurring on social media pages and in online 3rd party forums with the world watching.  Social media page comment threads often become “flamer” targets where the irate and unhappy camper can openly and publicly bash companies and professionals with the intent to harm and the bottom line is - as an online professional you just gotta be ready.  One nasty word on the wrong site can be there in perpetuity - irrelevant of it being true.  Often times the most honest of company’s or professionals will be dragged through the mud by a black-hat competitor posing as an irate customer…proving the old addage “You can’t believe everything you read”.  Online reputation management is a critical focus for all of us.  Dash expert and upcoming show host Scott Allen offered HUGE insight last week into ORM and how to manage these situations, so be sure to check out Scott’s page and shows here.

Listen to the recording of Dawn & Peter: Dawn and Peter Discuss Upcoming Events and News


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