Dating Goddess Answers All Dating Woes for 40 and Up

Dating GoddessThe Dating Goddess joined Dawn Wright-de Brantes on the Dash Radio Friday 3/29/13.  The Dating Goddess is a midlife woman,  who after her husband of 20 years surprised her with a divorce announcement at age 48, turned her search for her next mate into an adventure.  She chronicled the lessons, insights, stories and advice in her popular blog, Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40, which can be found at  She released a series of 13 books based on her hands-on dating research which stems from dating 112 men since her marriage ended.  These books cover topics every dating woman over the age of 40 needs to know; from getting started, qualifying a man before agreeing to meet, breaking up with grace, ironing out the dating wrinkles, to sex.

Listen to a recording of the Dating Goddess show:Join Dawn for her interview with DG

When the Dating Goddess was sharing stories of her dates with friends and colleagues they told her to start writing about it because she was having a completely different experience than others.  ”Dating can be enjoyable and daunting”, says the Dating Goddess.  There are extremes in dating.  A pro could be that many men in their mid 40’s have more time now that kids are older, more established careers and in the same token, people’s bodies are not the same as they used to be when they were 20.  The economy has had a toll on people as well.

The books are written for single straight women.  The Dating Goddess blog attracts a fair amount of male visitors seeking insight on women. New women in the dating scene must caution their own naiveté.  Times have changed - you have to be concerned about scammers and STD’s.  In order to find out what you want you can ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Does he respect you?
  • Does he honor his agreements?
  • Do you have the same values?

If you’re about to get back into the dating scene, DG recommends that you go see a new hair stylist and go get a personal shopper for some new date wear.  You say,  I am starting to date again and I want to look attractive and I want to diminish my negatives.  The reason for a new hairstylist is because your old hairstylist sees you as you, for the past ‘x’ amount of years, where as a new hairstylist will see different potential in you.  Dating is a just a metaphor life.  Are you willing in dating to push your comfort zone just a little bit for the betterment of your future?

This is just a sample of what was covered in show.  Listen to the recording to get all the juicy details covered by the Dating Goddess and don’t forget to show your support for DG by purchasing one of her books!

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