Create Your Own Utopia

People go into business for themselves for a wide variety of reasons. For most, it’s in order to create the lifestyle they’ve always wanted - in other words - they want to create their own utopia.  (Or as the b-52′s so elequently put it…”Their Own Private Idaho”) :)

Everyone’s perfect utopia is different from everyone else’s. defines it as:


 [yoo-toh-pee-uh]  Show IPA


1. an imaginary island described in Sir Thomas More’s Utopia
(1516) as enjoying perfection in law,politics, etc.
2. ( usually lowercase ) an ideal place or state.
3.( usually lowercase ) any visionary system of political or social perfection.
What is YOUR ideal place or state in life?  The power to create lives within each of us in our mind.  We must first think a thing.  Then we must “see” it in our minds-eye.   Once we have it locked in the cross-hairs of our minds-eye (in the subconcious mind), the next step is making it real (or manifestation).
There is a sometimes a very long journey between the moment of creating your utopia of the mind…and manifesting it.  There are most likely a gazillion pieces similar to a jigsaw puzzle that are all very important and all inter-locking and synergistic.  The

This is a mission critical piece to the puzzle because if you don’t know WHY you are working nights and weekends…giving up all of the fun and down-time you had…you won’t do it for long.

So join us LIVE all week to learn how to Create Your Own Utopia!!

Listen to Monday night’s episode:  Come Create Your Own Utopia @ the Dash-Episode1 

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