Bob Adams The Dash’s Tax Guru On Playing the Game

There are a ton of lessons we learned this week on how business (and life) parallel to the run for the SuperBowl…and how we are all choosing our teams, calling the plays…and praying for a shot at the BIG game.

Listen to the show: Playing to Win w_ Tax Strategist Bob Adams

That being true for all of us entrepreneurs out there - the thing that levels the playing field for us all - the CRITICAL component is in fact - that we MUST PLAY.





We can be new at something - or a 20 year veteran with GOBS of experience and reach…but if we’re sitting on the couch eating bon bons and messing with the lint in our belly buttons - we are NOT PLAYING




We may have been booted from our last team.  We may be facing incredibly impossible odds.  We may be looking UP at the bottom floor!!  If you are still PLAYING…you are NOT out of the game.


No matter what…don’t EVER give up.  Pick your butt up off the ground…dust yourself off…and GET BACK IN THERE.









Tonight - one of our favorite nights of each week - Bob Adams (the Dash’s Tax Guru) will join us to give us this seasons much needed tips for tax time…and will share his thoughts on Playing the Game to Win.

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