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Join Peter as he talks with Logan Stout and Rhett powers in


Scott Allen talks about whats not so great about MLM, Dawn and Peter talk about everything in-between, and meet John Oszajca in this week’s best of episode.

Best of week 9!

Meet Kevin McCarthy author of The on Purpose Person on this week’s recap.

Meet Wendy Stevens best selling author, and Scott Pullan in this week’s the best of The Dash.

Meet Sandy Botkin, and learn how to start a radio show in this week’s best of The Dash!
The best of Week 6

Nutrition, Building your own business, and tax time can be heard in this week’s recap. Special guests include attorney James Turner, Bob Adams, and Rachel Fields
Best of Week 5

Special guests Greg Suporta, and Bob Adams join us this week to talk about “The Game” in this week’s best of The Dash.
Best of Week 4

Join Dawn, and Peter as they introduce Barbara Ghent, and Bev Trca-Kitchen as they expand on creating your own Utopia in this week’s best of.
Best of Week 3

Learn to create your own economy, and your utopia in this week’s best of the Dash. Introducing the tax guru Bob Adams!

Best of Week 2 Dawn Wright-de Brantes, Peter Mingils, & Bob Adams