Anthony Delmedico Serial Entrepreneur Joins the Dash

Anthony DelmedicoWipe the stars from my eyes! A little over 2 months, ago one of our writers Aaron Baker, wrote a post on the Top 10 FaceBook Pages Every Entrepreneur Should Follow.  Anthony Delmedico ended number 10 on our list!  After finding the post and tweeting about it, we reached out to Anthony to have him appear on the show.  After a series of serendipitous events, the Dash is proud to present Anthony Delmedico.

Listen to the PodCast: Entrepreneur talk w_ The Dash and Anthony

Anthony Delmedico started from humble beginnings and developed a taste for entrepreneurism at very young age, starting his first business at age 10.  Anthony developed these businesses out of necessity, living in a blue-collar single parent home with very little resources.  While touring in Desert Storm and being promoted platoon leader, Anthony gained skills that turned him into a highly focused, motivated and disciplined man.  After his military career, Anthony pursued his MBA at one of the top 25 business schools paid by his Army College Fund. When Anthony ran out of time on his Army College Fund and was still finishing up school, he launched a valet business.  Anthony essentially had to start a business to stay in business at school.  In 1999, Anthony launched his construction business after a negative experience with a contractor; it has since grown to over 19 offices and 140 million in revenues over 10 years.

As I mentioned earlier, Anthony developed a passion for entrepreneurism at very early age and realized that there is not enough information educating children aged 6-12 on entrepreneurism.  That’s when Anthony started the Little Green Money Machine project, which is an award-winning interactive learning system that helps kids start their first business.  Targeted at children in grades 4-12, the system teaches children how to set goals, set up their first business, earn and save money, as well as give back to community.  The Little Green Money Machine teaches children how run anything from successful lemonade stands to arts and crafts booths. The kicker is that you can even order a stand for your child, allowing them to follow the template outlined in the book and enabling you to sit back and watch your little entrepreneur pound the streets.

In alignment with Anthony Delmonico’s passion for teaching entrepreneurism to children in grades 4-12, he launched E2, an Entrepreneurial Education as CoreAnthony Delmedico Curriculum.  Anthony believes with E2 as a core curriculum, we will launch a new generation of Entrepreneurs across America, creating millions of new jobs and industries.  E2 has the potential to return America to full employment over the next decade.  Anthony shared some startling figures; currently we need 21 million new jobs in order bring ourselves back to full employment, 80% of college graduates are unemployed and Gen Y has become the boomerang generation, which is the first generation to move back home after college.

“If Entrepreneurship is the engine of our economy, creates jobs, and puts food on tables, why wouldn’t we place as much emphasis on it in our public schools as we do Math, English, and Science.”

We need to stop breeding generations of job seekers and start focusing on generations of job creators.  Anthony Delmedico has created a petition that I encourage everyone to sign and share with your friends.  As a member of Gen Y, I luckily evaded the boomerang effect of my generation,  by pursing my own entrepreneurial ventures.  I can attest that at the private and public school level there is not enough education on being an entrepreneur.  In some cases, it can even be frowned upon. I have learned more about entrepreneurism through travelling, than in any scholastic environment.  We have a broken system that demands change.  As a nation, we are no longer fulfilling on our promise of the American dream.  You cannot go to college and expect a salaried  job anymore.  We are not educating the youth on the wealth of opportunity around them.  If someone told me that computer science = making websites when I was in Middle School, I would have pursued that path because making websites was something I had always wanted to do from age 9!  As a country, we are not doing enough to support and educate future generations on entrepreneurism.  The reason jobs exist is because an entrepreneur decided to create a business.  If we limit this thinking and force generations into a box that does not fit all shapes and sizes, we are perpetuating the lie that is plaguing our country.  Take action today and sign the petition.

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