Ironing Out Dating Wrinkles: Work Through Challenges Without Getting Steamed


Do you get steamed discussing relationship challenges with your beau? Nearly all relationships have some ups and downs. Part of getting to know a man is seeing how he works through relationship misunderstandings. What should you look for when you have a disagreement? How can you determine if he's self-absorbed vs. flexible, loving and unselfish? What can you learn from a fight? Everyone has hot buttons. Your sweetie may trigger feelings left over from your past relationship: abandonment, being taken for granted, unrealistic expectations, unpleasant demands are common complaints. But just because your ex didn't lift a finger to help with dinner doesn't mean that your current man is lazy when he prefers to do dishes instead of chopping. Learn how to talk through differences to see if you've uncovered a deal breaker, or if it is just matter of preferences. Sample topics: • When your guy vexes you, ask what your highest self would do • The first fight • You want boo; he wants boo-ty • Where's the line between getting your needs met and being selfish? • Expressing your upset with your guy • Is his toothbrush in your cabinet too soon? • Do you love how he loves you? • Is he collecting data on how to make you happy? • Be careful of being smitten • Exclusivity: How and when to broach it • The 60-day relationship review Ironing Out Dating Wrinkles focuses on how to work through the inevitable hiccups when you are getting to know each other. If you can both deal with challenges maturely and graciously, the bond deepens and you find yourself smitten.

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