Dash Spotlight - Blogpreneur Allen Stern Passes Away

Allen SternHere at the Dash we like to highlight people who exemplify “living your dash” or who are “Dash-worthy”, if you will. Allen Stern passed away recently and as I learned about him, I learned how Dash-worthy he was.  This guy is one of the early tech blogging entrepreneurs and definitely lived his dash in a great way.  We wanted to pay a little tribute to someone who paved the way for what we do everyday here at the Dash Radio.

When I first heard this news, I have to admit, I didn’t know a lot about Allen Stern, but when I started reading through his accolades I realized a lot of what he did during his Dash is related to what we do.  So here is what I’ve learned about Allen Stern a.k.a. “The Blogger King”.

“Before blogging became a big business, Stern created a tech blog called Center Networks, which became a go-to destination for many in the early Web 2.0 movement” says Matthew Ingram of gigaom.com.

Louis Gray goes on to say in reference to Center Networks: “Archive.org has it starting all the way back in 1999..”.

The Fact that this guy was at the top of the internet blog game, when using the computer for me meant MS paint and playing the copy of Pitfall that came with our family computer is impressive.  Stern’s next big endeavor was CloudContacts.com.  Cloud Contacts is a service that scans and transcribes your biz cards and hooks you and said card owners on social networks.  More recently Stern made the move from New York to Texas and started Let’s Talk Fitness.  LTF is where he was tracking his journey to a healthier lifestyle with good dieting and exercise.  His goal with LTF was to help other achieve the health and weight loss that he had.

There have been a lot of great losses as of late, but Stern stuck out to me because of the reputation he built throughout his career.  Tons of people commented on his integrity and big heart.  As an entrepreneur or business owner…thats a great reputation to have.  Furthermore, as a person living their dash, that is an amazing reputation to have.  Too often people decide to take the shady route to get ahead in business/life or whatever the game may be.  At the end of the Dash, what matters is not what you achieved…its HOW you acheived it.  What you do doesn’t matter, how you did it does.  Our hats go off to blog/entrepreneur legend Allen Stern.

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