d_leather_105_whiteDawn Wright-Olivares

Entrepreneur, Broadcaster & Blogger

25 years direct sales and MLM leadership. Voted Direct Sales Leader in the World for 2012. Dawn has created massive worldwide distribution and affiliate networks for select companies throughout her career with product lines and focuses ranging e-commerce, social media, women’s empowerment, business networking and nutraceutical-driven weight-loss. Her passion for personal and leadership development makes her a strong motivator. She has held high-level corporate titles on several projects such as VP Marketing, International Marketing Director and Chief Marketing Officer. Her primary functions include: creative development, software architecture, marketing strategist, project management, communications, branding and development.

petermingils2Peter Mingils

Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Trainer

President and CEO of PM Marketing/NetworkLeads. He is considered by many as a lead generation expert and trainer. He offers a refreshing approach towards building a business, using time-tested fundamentals plus the latest audio and visual technology. Peter is actively involved with the Network Marketing industry as a vendor, distributor, corporate owner, trainer and consultant.

He is a guest speaker on Lead Generation for the University of Illinois at Chicago Network Marketing Certification course given by Dr. Charles King.