18 Types of Effective Guerrilla Marketing

While researching types of effective guerrilla marketing, I have noticed a couple of trends associated with the guerrilla marketing.  The message is very simple, easily grasped and the method used to create the ad is unconventional and generally is low-cost.  Types of effective guerrilla marketing campaigns are localized to high traffic areas such as cities, subways, popular streets and billboards.  The primary objective is to make an impact and in some cases the advertising does impact its surroundings.

In the gallery below are different types of effective guerrilla marketing campaigns.  You will see that these advertising campaigns are generally interactive, imaginative, grandiose or shocking.  These are what I consider all the right ingredients for a viral campaign.  I believe that guerrilla marketing is truly a fantastic strategy because you can locally target a niche or spread awareness about a national or global campaign in various hot zones that you have researched.  As a home business owners, guerrilla marketing has the ability to open your doors up to tons of local business.  You don’t need to invest in a multi million dollar campaign in order to be successful.

I advocate for guerrilla marketing. I believe that it pushes advertisers to think outside the box and create an instant sensation while communicating a very specific point in a short period of time.  As you look through the gallery, I hope you realize that many of these campaigns can be duplicated or built on for your own purpose.  The examples that I put together are designed to kickstart your creative juices or inspire you to take on a project in the field.  Have you used guerrilla marketing in your local area?  Do you have expertise on the subject beyond your years? Lets us know in the comments.

18 Types of Effective Guerrilla Marketing

Superman Returns BrasilGuerrilla Marketing - kitkatGuerrilla Marketing Shark BusGuerrilla Marketing Soccer UrinalGuerrilla Marketing Billboard to Quit SmokingGuerilla marketing selon Axe (1/2)
Guerrilla Marketing Cancer Bus Stop with Free SunscreenGuerrilla Marketing in the RainGuerrilla Marketing Semi Truck with Dismembered Body PartsSnake Guerrilla Marketing Bus AdNintendo DS Guerrilla Marketing Brain Teasers on Bathroom WallStop Global Warming Guerrilla Marketing Campaign
Folgers Coffee New York Guerrilla Marketing CampaignMini Cooper Bike Lock Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing, a gallery on Flickr.