The Path

Peter and I were talking one day in December when he said to me…”We need you back in your seat with a microphone in your hand again.”  He kinda drifted saying…“Gotta get you your power back.  He said, ” You’re Superwoman.  The world NEEDS superwoman. Gotta DO something…too much kryptonite.”  I am blessed beyond words to have balcony people in my life.

It’s one of life’s repeat lessons for me…that when things are at their toughest…that earth angels are deployed.  We’ve all met them haven’t we?  Sometimes it’s only in passing and you say “who was that masked man?” lol…
Other times they are someone you are lucky to know well…who sticks.  Either way, you are always better for knowing them.  I can tell you..I am better for knowing Peter Mingils and I am grateful beyond words that he is my partner.
If you’ve never met an earth angel (yet) or aren’t sure if you have…here is MY definition:  Earth angels are special people who choose to see…someone’s need (that’s usually right in front of them)…and they show up to be used to support, love, heal, educate, inform, direct, advise, etc (you get my drift right?) they show up to be used to do GOOD…period.

I have met them in the streets of Amsterdam (thank you Nike de Jeu and her lovely mom who took me in sick (with a 103 degree fever) … and stranded (due to a banking error and a 185 euro rate hike at my hotel due to a conference coming into town).  I have been used as one (and will continue to be ANY and EVERY time I can be).  (But I’m not going to tell you how or with whom because the beauty of the earth angel is that they don’t want or need recognition for it…that’s not WHY they DO IT. :)  I just had to share this one though (and hope Peter doesn’t mind) …because I looked up at the title “The Path” and looked back at the last 30 days in awe of what 30 days can do.  I realized the story of the Dash began on that phone call really…with that statement…and the path has led to here.

Where to Next?

Our vision is vast and clear.  We have seen things that need changing.  We have experienced things that good people shouldn’t experience…unless there is a purpose and some “highest and best wisdom” going on…which is exactly what we believe.  The path was laid out before us…we have chosen to take the step.

  • We LOVE to TALK & People Seem to Like to Listen when we do.
    Talk Radio therefore…is a seriously wonderful fit. We both believe that this can be a powerful tool for training, informing and educating our listeners.


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