Move Over Dr. Phil - Scott Pullan’s on the Dash!

430015_3103126689998_898503360_nSince our first meeting 20 years ago working together within the nutritional and weight loss sector of the MLM industry, I instantly like Scott Pullan. I have rarely met (in my 25 years in networking) an MLM professional as committed to those he serves, which is why when Brian Klemmer told me he was looking for JUST THE RIGHT PERSON for his team - I said “Scott Pullan’s looking for something new” and the rest (as they say it) is history. Scott’s transition from an MLM corp author/trainer with E’ola over to first, the Marketing Maven of Klemmer & Associates and now, one of their top Facilitators - was pre-destined.

Now, he’s rockin’ 6 cities in as many weeks (sometimes days) and is taking the MLM industry by storm from the direction of personal growth and leadership development - and it’s working like an absolute charm. The truly and wildly successful “rain-makers” know (as did Brian Klemmer) how intimately and critically MLM success and Personal Development fit together - which is why they focused a power-team on training the leaders of the MLM industry…and have finally brought to the industry the critical training that actually makes a difference in people’s organizational growth and wallets.

Get a taste of Klemmer & Associates experiential personal development work (by radio) …Below!!
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Scott Pullan Put’s on His Sunglasses…On the Dash (episode 1)
Scott Pullan’s Secret Formula for Success…On the Dash (episode 2)

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