Lessons from the SuperBowl! Tonight’s Special Guest Greg Saporta!!


This week Join Dawn & Peter for a special series…”Lessons from the Superbowl”.
But how did these two teams get here?It’s SuperBowl.  The Clash of the Titans.
Million-dollar commercial spots…merchandising…scalpers getting top-dollar for 50 yd line seats…
It’s smokin’ hot and EVERYBODY wants to be these guys…

Join Dawn & Peter this week for Lessons from the SuperBowl.

  1. Listen to show: Lessons from the SuperBowl w_ Special Guest Greg Saporta

Greg Saporta went to school and played football in NY then to the FL Gators. In Fl he did his intership to become a strength and conditioning coach. Greg left FL to move to Chapel Hill NC to work as an asst. strenght and conditioning for several years. Then moved to Denver Colorado where he was the asst strength and conditioning coach for 17 years. Durning this time he recieved 2 super bowl rings along with many other awards

2.  Branding of the Beast - TOMA for the Win  

3.  Weeding the AstroTurf

4.  The Big Game - Playing to Win

GregSaportaGreg and Nancy Saporta Greg and Nancy also met through a network marking company many years also.  Check out their Facebook to learn more about these fabulous entrepreneurs and their incredible story!

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