Jeff Justice Humor Resources Director on the Dash Radio

Jeff JusticeJeff Justice joins the Dash Radio on Friday 3/15/13 for laugh more, stress less and avoid getting burned.  Jeff Justice is a Certified Speaking Professional and the founder of Jeff Justice’s Comedy Workshoppe, the largest and most successful school for stand-up comedy in the country.  Jeff is also the best-selling author of the book “Laugh More, Stress Less….(and avoid getting burned out)“. Jeff has an uncanny ability to help others tap into humor as a resources for improving human interaction and individual effectiveness in the workplace. He brings his 14 years of stand up comedy experience to his speaking.

Listen to recording of Jeff Justice: The WolfPack’s Drive-Time Comedy Hour

the Dash: How did you go from a top headlining comedian in comedy clubs to a motivational humorist who talks on managing stress with humor?

Jeff: Having children! Once Jeff was in his mid 40′s and the comedy club scene was getting younger not older,  he decided to start teaching on how to implement a sense of humor to reduce stress.

the Dash: Does laughter actually have health benefits?

Jeff:  In seeveral autopsies on men in their mid 40′s and 50′s that died of Parkinson’s, 87% of the men had lesions on their hearts, which happen when your body gets angry and stressed.  Getting mad and blowing off steam with a sense of humor detaches the emotion from the action.  Dr. Fry said “laughing 100-200 times a day is the cardiovascular equivalent of rowing for 10 minutes.  Laughter puts more oxygen into your bloodstream, increases T-Cells and releases endorphins into the body.  More oxygen in your bloodstream fosters creativity, T-Cells help combat cancer and endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers.”

“Don’t take life to seriously, so far no one has gotten out alive” - Jeff Justice

the Dash: Could you talk about your idea of “Laugh Your Way to the Top”?

Jeff:  Jeff has graduated over 2,200 students from his comedy workshop in Atlanta.  He recommends to everyone that graduates put stand up comedy down on their resumes.  During the interview, process most people will assume you can handle pressure situations and the ability work well with others because you’re funny.

the Dash: What benefit does humor have for people who have to make business presentations?

Jeff: Jeff asks “Would you rather listen to someone who uses humor in their presentation or doesn’t?”  Everyone at the Dash responded with humor.  Humor grabs people’s attention.  You do not want to just tell jokes, you can use jokes to drive home any kind of point.   Jeff recommends the sandwich technique:  Repeat the point, use humor, repeat the point.  The biggest mistake people make is to say something humorous and not allow the audience to laugh.  You must learn to shut up to be funny.

the Dash: You actually have a CD on, How to Ad Lib Like a Professional (or Just Look Like One)?

Jeff:  I have written down every funny thing I’ve come up with.  The key to ad libbing is the presentation.  You want to make it seem like you’re telling something for the first time.  The greats like Sinbad and Robin Williams are reusing the same jokes they’ve told 800 times over the past 13-20 years.  If you watch during a comedy show when the comedian is ad libbing and making it appear like it is happening for the first time you will get a much bigger laugh out of the crowd.

the Dash: What is the fine line between appropriate and inappropriate humor at work?

Jeff: The fine line is sexist humor and racist humor.  My motto is “When in doubt, leave it out.” No one is going to come up to you after the show and say that was a really great show but you kept it to clean.

the Dash: What do you love about what you do?

Jeff:  The ability to use humor to change people’s lives.  Bill Cosby said “through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers.  And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it”.

This concludes Jeff Justice visit to the Dash Radio.  Hopefully we can get him to come back to talk about his career as a stand up comedian and his tips on how to be one.

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