Coolest Car Interiors, Dutch Airplane-makers, & My Thoughts

Coolest Car InteriorsAlright, this morning I was weeding through my email…as I do most mornings.  I finally am taking a stand against losing the epic battle against my inboxes, but that’s another article all in itself.  I like to glance at most of the emails coming in from, or,  to see  what’s new or what’s on sale and today I found a not-so-recent article that caught my eye…which brings us to now.

The article, SPYKER B6 VENATOR Is this the coolest car interior ever?  is pretty self explanatory.  The first image totally had me hooked though -   a futuristic spy-looking car with the entire roof  and interior made clear so that I could see through,  that was in fact, really cool!  At first, my thoughts were: “Holy Sean Connery Batman! Someone has finally made a spy-inspired car!”  I mean, a car that doesn’t have anything crazy built-in, but has the spy-car feel inside and out.  All of the Spyker’s buttons are switches and the shifter is anchored to a bar that slides up and down.  As it turns out, the V6 Venator is an airplane-inspired car.  Spyker is a dutch automotive company that started in the 1800′s, but made the transition to airplanes during the first world war…cool right?

I still couldn’t get over my initial excitement when I found this article.  So like any true-blooded internet surfing American, I googled “coolest car interiors” and came up with articles from and   Both of these lists had the exact same cars in them, but you get a different viewpoint and I did see a few: The Range Evoque and the Audi A7 - looked super cool.   Buuuuut, why don’t automotive companies make new cars with a different looking interior?  To be clear, by ‘different’ I do not mean a different setup of the buttons and screens, but just a different look and feel to it - not so run-of-the-mill.  When I say ‘automotive companies’, I mean companies like Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford and Chevy.  Yes, for an “expensive” car, the Spyker is totally affordable and does look totally BA on the outside.  But, what if my 2006 Nissan Altima had a spy or super futuristic or more classic or vintage looking interior?  I honestly think a lot of people would like having these options in a car. These could be some of the coolest car interiors if they are done right.  Having the option to customize the set up of your interior when ordering a car would be optimal, right?  If you drive a super sporty looking car, having a futuristic looking interior that made you feel like you’re in the movie Total Recal (or something like that)  would be so cool, right?  If you drive something nicer with a classier look, wouldn’t it be cool to have a super elegant interior that looks like it came out of a 1950′s Rolls with all the current tech behind it?

Obviously, I think it would be super cool if my Altima had a spy-car feel to the interior and I really don’t think it would look out-of-place.  But now I want to know what you guys think?  Would you “theme” the interior of your car?  What do you think would be a cool look?  Leave some comments and let me know.

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