Coach Wendy Stevens 2 Part Series on theDash!


Coach Wendy…tonight - a Valentines Day treat on the Dash!
The other day I was talking to Barb telling her I wanted KILLER GUESTS…with incredible stories - and she sends me a link that MADE MY MONTH!  I called her instantly and started reading while I waited on the call-back.

After reading her incredible and inspiring story - the first thing I thought was…SIGN ME UP!

As a woman who has been in those similarly terrifying yet motivating shoes…and knowing that throughout life…if I’m risking and growing…(into bigger and even MORE terrifying) roles, shoes and purposes - I truly see the value in this incredible woman’s journey and cannot WAIT until she shares it with us!









Wendy Stevens is a powerful, dynamic speaker, and popular trainer, as well as a championship coach and mentor. Her fast-paced, authentic style will not only inspire your audience, which will leave empowered knowing they can overcome their own personal obstacles to double their productivity, sales to catapult their results!

Recognized as one of the top income earners in the Direct Sales Industry, Wendy has been showcased as a speaker and trainer as a multiple 7 figure internet entrepreneur. Wendy has assisted thousands of people tripling their productivity at work, sales and marketing as well as launching their own successful businesses.

Wendy has leveraged her experience as a former All American, MVP and NCAA National Champion as well as a Division I Lacrosse Coach at Vanderbilt University and proven that the basic principles of success hold true whether you’re on the playing field or running your own business.

Your audience will be completely engaged and inspired hearing Wendy share how, after hitting absolute rock bottom after a divorce, a tragic death and legal problems, she completely turned her life around and created something extraordinary.

Wendy resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and has a home in Franklin, Tennessee. She has two teenagers and a passion for scuba diving, sailing, and traveling the world to touch, move and inspire people to live at their best.

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