Testosterone-Free Marketing: The Yin and Yang of Marketing for Women


Do you love your business but hate getting the word out? Would you rather scrub yellow, waxy build-up from your kitchen floor than market your business? "Testosterone-Free Marketing" was written with the woman business owner in mind. You know you need to tell the world but just can't get into the "clobber the competition," "scorched-earth," testosterone-heavy marketing advocated in all the other marketing books. "Testosterone-Free Marketing" is the result of the author's research and experience coaching over 1,200 men and women in marketing and discovering that women have a whole different "take" on marketing. Men and women are wired differently and women don't want to act like someone they are not. If you find yourself shying away from marketing and selling this book is for you. If you've read other marketing books and thought, "It's easy to learn it but a whole 'nother thing to DO IT" - this book is for you. We can only grow our businesses at the rate of our personal growth and all the how-tos in the world won't amount to a hill of beans if you're terrified to pick up the phone and call a prospective client. Testosterone-Free Marketing explores why women are uncomfortable or afraid to market and then provides step-by-step instructions to help them make new conscious choices rather than old knee-jerk reactions. By getting your yin and yang (feminine and masculine) energies in balance you can become unstoppable, confident and put a lot more profits in your purse with your business. Reading this book will help you to feel empowered, confident and marketing savvy. It's all about helping you get over your obstacles and understand at its core that marketing is not about "clobbering" it's about "creating." It's not about "hard sell" it's about "heart sell." "Testosterone-Free Marketing" is a journey into understanding what makes you tick and how to make the most of your innate skills and qualities as a woman business owner.

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